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We all love playing basketball, especially at our own home. We all want to dunk like Shaq or drain last second shots like Michael Jordan. But what makes the best basketball hoop for the driveway? We searched through several hundred options to come up with this top 5 list. So here’s our list to help find the best basketball hoop for the driveway in 2017.

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Top 5 Best Basketball Hoops For Driveway in 2017

Silverback In Ground System

Great In Ground

In Ground Hoop

54" or 60" Backboard

Tempered Glass Board

Breakaway Rim

Adjust 7.5' - 10'

4" x 4" Base Pole

Anchor Kit Included

Pads Included

5 Year Limited Warranty


"The Beast"


Portable Hoop

60" Backboard

Temepered Glass Board

Breakaway Rim

Adjust 7.5' - 10'

5" x 5" Base Pole

Rebounder Included

50+ Gallon Base

4 Strut Reinforcement


Spalding NBA Hybrid

Great Portable

Portable Hoop

54" or 60" Backboard

Acrylic Backboard

Breakaway Rim

Adjust 7.5' - 10'

3.5" Round Pole

Rebounder Included

19+ Gallon Base

Board Pad Included

Goalrilla GS In Ground


In Ground Hoop

54" , 60" , 72" Backboard

Tempered Glass Board

Breakaway Rim

Adjust 7.5' - 10'

6" x 6" Base Pole

Anchor Kit Included

4' Overhang

Lifetime Limited Warrant


Lifetime Competition XL


Portable Hoop

54" Backboard

Acrylic Backboard

Breakaway Rim

Adjust 7.5' - 10'

3.5" Round Pole

35 Gallon Base

5 Year Limited Warranty

Best Basketball Hoops Reviews

Spalding “The Beast” Portable Hoop

(9.5 / 10)

best basketball hoop

One of the highest reviewed basketball hoops for your driveway is the Spalding “The Beast” Portable Hoop. This hoop has everything you want in a basketball hoop except for being cemented in the ground. It’s got the high quality backboard. It’s got the break-away rim. It’s got the flexibility to move locations and change heights easily.

The backboard is an impressive 60″ and it’s made of tempered glass. That makes it shatter resistant and bounces balls well on bank shots. The support pole is 5″ in size and made of steel and aluminum, which is going to provide great support for those monster dunks. But they also included a 4-strut base mounting system to provide even more rigidity.

On the actual backboard is a 4-point z-arm mount is ideal for supporting the backboard and stabilizing it, even during crazy shots. With the help of that break-away rim, this unit should be able to handle even the most difficult players who like playing rough.

The hoop height is adjustable from 7.5′ up to the standard 10′. It even has a nifty rebounder/handle at the bottom to use during play and when moving it.

There are only 2 downsides to the hoop. First is the price. It’s not the cheapest on the market by far, but it does provide the most value. If you’re looking for a long-lasting hoop you can really rough house with, this is it.

The other downside is the assembly can be somewhat tricky. Many people reported it taking several hours and the instructions weren’t always the most clear. You can hire someone to come install the system for you, but where’s the fun in that?

Let’s recap the Spalding “The Beast” Hoop and why it’s on our best basketball hoops list:


  • Extremely durable
  • 60″ backboard made of tempered glass
  • Heavy duty 5″ mounting pole with four-strut support
  • 50+ gallon base for water/sand to support the system
  • Easy “screw-jack” for changing hoop height
  • Rebounder/handle on base


  • Higher price
  • Some difficult assembly

See more info on “The Beast” and best price on Amazon here.


Goalrilla GS In Ground Basketball System

(9.5 / 10)

best basketball hoops


The Goalrilla is probably our favorite and best in ground basketball hoop out there. When it’s installed correctly, this hoop makes the outdoor game feel almost exactly like an indoor game. Seriously, it’s that good! And to share some personal experience, this is the hoop my dad installed a few years ago and we love it.

Where do we start? Well let’s start at the bottom and work up. First, it has a monster steel pole that measure 6″ x 6″ for incredible stability. Unless you have a hurricane pass through, this hoop should stay standing forever. We’ve had some big guys dunk on this baby and it’s still going strong.

What I think is incredibly unique about the Goalrilla Hoop is the anchor system bolting it into the ground. This means you can actually unbolt the hoop and take it with you if you ever move. You’ll still need to buy another anchoring system and cement it into the ground, but that’s much cheaper than buying a new hoop!

The Goalrilla GS has a crank adjuster allowing you to change the hoop height anywhere from 7.5′ up to the normal 10′. This crank is very easy to use as my little sister can turn it no problem.

The pole attaches to the backboard with a 4-strut harness system to keep everything square. The backboard itself is 3/8″ thick tempered glass. Glass is the most natural feeling backboard and will have true bounces off it. Considering the NBA moved to 1/2″ tempered glass to prevent these types of backboard shattering dunks, it’s safe to say the Goalrilla comes as close as possible.

The Goalrilla series comes with several options for how big you want the backboard. You can do 54″, 60″ or 72″ and we personally recommend the 60″ style.

The Goalrilla GS hoop obviously comes with the break-away rim that they call Pro-Style designed for even tough dunks. Lastly, this hoop comes with a limited lifetime warranty! It covers everything including the glass itself. That’s a pretty strong warranty to stand behind.

The biggest downside to the Goalrilla hoop is the price. It is not the most budget friendly because it provides a very high quality experience. In my personal opinion, I’m very happy with this hoop having played on a lot of lower quality hoops in my friends driveways. Our house is always the preferred driveway for games because everyone loves our hoop the best.

Let’s recap the Goalrilla GS Hoop and why it’s on our best basketball hoop list:


  • Extremely durable design
  • 54″ or 60″ or 72″ backboard made of 3/8″ tempered glass
  • Heavy duty 6″x6″ mounting pole with four-strut support
  • In-ground design for maximum stability and longevity
  • Easy crank adjuster for changing hoop height from 7.5′ to 10′
  • Break-Away rim
  • 3 foot hoop overhang
  • Anchor system that detaches in case you move
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Higher price
  • Some difficult assembly
  • Usually requires a day to let cement cure in ground
  • Does not come with pole padding

See more info on the Goalrilla GS and best price here on Amazon.


Silverback In-Ground System – 60″ Board

(8.5 / 10)

best basketball hoop

The Silverback system is also a reliable and good quality basketball hoop. If price is a concern for you to get the Goalrilla hoop, consider the Silverback a more budget friendly hoop.

It doesn’t lack much in quality compared to the Goalrilla hoop, so you’ll be very pleased with the performance. But coming in at nearly half the cost, it can definitely get the job done.

The Silverback hoop comes with a full 60″ backboard with 8mm thick tempered glass. Remember, tempered glass is the preferred style of backboard as it provides the most realistic bounce. The 8mm is slightly less than the Goalrilla hoop, but it will still feel great.

The base on the Silverback utilizes the fantastic anchor technology. The anchor allows you to move the hoop with you if you ever decided to move homes. It’s a fantastic system in which you only need to replace the anchor (much cheaper) at the new home.

The Silverback has a 4″x4″ steel pole which will provide adequate support for the hoop. It also has the four-strut aluminum harness system attaching to the backboard. Again we see the small differences between the Goalrilla hoop and the Silverback. You won’t be missing a ton with the Silverback, but if you can afford the higher quality Goalrilla, that would be our recommendation.

This hoop also has that crank system for you to adjust the hoop height anywhere from 7.5′ up to the normal 10′. This crank is pretty normal in these in ground hoops so nothing new here.

It’s got the standard breakaway for your Shaq dunks and it even comes with a 3-foot overhang from the backboard to the pole. The Silverback even comes with a pole pad and a bottom backboard pad! Nice little features for the price.


  • Budget friendly
  • Very durable design
  • 60″ backboard made of 8mm tempered glass
  • Strong 4″x4″ mounting pole with four-strut support
  • In-ground design for maximum stability and longevity
  • Easy crank adjuster for changing hoop height from 7.5′ to 10′
  • Break-Away rim
  • 3 foot hoop overhang
  • Anchor system that detaches in case you move
  • Comes with pole and backboard padding
  • Limited 5 year warranty


  • Some difficult assembly
  • Usually requires a day to let cement cure in ground
  • Not as high quality as Goalrilla
  • Will have slightly less than “real” feeling on hoop

See more info on the Silverback System and best price here on Amazon.


Spalding NBA Hybrid System Hoop

(7.5 / 10)

best basketball hoop for driveway

The Spalding NBA Hybrid hoop is a solid contender for the best portable basketball hoop. It lacks some quality areas of “The Beast” from Spalding, but this comes at a more reasonable price.

For a portable basketball hoop, the Hybrid system does fairly well in most areas. It has a solid base that can hold up to 200lbs of water or sand (we recommend putting in both along with some anti-freeze).

The main supporting pole is only a 3.5″ diameter steel pole which does have 2 aluminum supporting poles for stability. It won’t hold up as well as “The Beast” but it will do quite well in most situations. Again, please recognize that you get what you pay for in the best basketball hoops.

The Hybrid comes with two backboard sizes (54″ and 60″) but it’s made of acrylic plastic instead of glass. And it’s only 4.5mm thick. This definitely will impact how the ball bounces and you will notice. If you remember from above, the NBA uses 1/2″ thick tempered glass to provide a solid bounce. Acrylics lack a significant “bounce effect” and this backboard is about 1/3 the thickness of pro-style hoops.

The Hybrid does have a four-strut harness to connect the backboard which is a good thing. The aluminum poles should help keep the board sturdy through most play. But the connection points are much narrower than other hoops on this list. That means the hoop could sway a bit more during windy or stormy days. So you should consider lowering the hoop in those situations.

This Hybrid hoop does come with some perks including the breakaway rim, a rebounder connected to the base and a backboard pad. Those are nice additions for this hoop and definitely help justify some of the cost. The breakaway rim isn’t the best we’ve seen on the market, but it will satisfy most average players. Don’t have too many Shaq-like dunks on this hoop though as it won’t last as long.


  • More budget friendly than “The Beast”
  • Very portable to move around
  • 54″ or 60″ backboard
  • Decent mounting pole with three-strut base support
  • Easy crank adjuster for changing hoop height from 7.5′ to 10′
  • Break-Away rim
  • Comes with backboard padding
  • Built-in rebounder on the base
  • Can combine water and sand in base for more stability


  • Some difficult assembly
  • Backboard made of acrylic instead of glass
  • Not the strongest support system
  • Not as high quality as “The Beast”
  • Will likely shake more when shots miss badly
  • Breakaway rim not as strong to handle dunks

See more info on the Spaulding Hybrid System and best price here on Amazon.


Lifetime Competition XL Hoop (54″ Backboard)

(7 / 10)

best basketball hoop

The Lifetime hoop is the most budget friendly hoop on our list of the best basketball hoops. That’s not to say it doesn’t come in with good quality in some areas. Because it does. There will be some small sacrifices with this hoop, but for many people out there, you’ll never really notice. Except in the dollar savings!

The Lifetime hoop comes with a 35 gallon base tank that you can fill with either water or sand. This is one of the larger tanks on our list so that is a definite plus. Adding more water should make you feel more confident this hoop will stay standing even though rough weather and big dunks. That’s not to say it’s the biggest tank out there as we’ve seen many hoops with tanks over 40 gallons.

The supporting pole stands straight up on this portable hoop which causes us a little concern. The straight-in-the-air pole design does not usually offer the best stability even with the 3-strut design here. It just allows too much vibration when long shots hit the backboard. And we know kids like to shoot from deep.

The Lifetime hoop has a more unique adjustment mechanism for changing the hoop height. You can adjust it anywhere from 7.5′ to 10′ which is perfectly normal. What is different is the Power Lift hydraulic handle they use instead of a crank system. This Power Lift design works well enough for the hoop, but it definitely isn’t as easy as a crank. It is certainly easier than trying to pull the hoop up with a broomstick though.

Another good feature of the hoop is that the backboard is steel-framed which will increase the life of the hoop. Unfortunately, it’s an acrylic board so it won’t have the best rebounding experience. But most people can live and play just fine on acrylic hoops. The hoop even comes standard with a backboard pad which is a plus. There’s no pole pad so we’d recommend investing in one. This hoop doesn’t have a large overhang so you’ll definitely hit the pole on a strong layup.


  • More budget friendly than the Hybrid System or “The Beast”
  • Very portable to move around
  • 54″ backboard
  • Decent mounting pole with three-strut base support
  • Power Life hydraulic handle
  • Break-Away rim
  • Comes with backboard padding
  • Can combine water and sand in base for more stability


  • Some difficult assembly
  • Backboard made of acrylic instead of tempered glass
  • Straight-up pole design
  • Not the strongest support system
  • Not as high quality as “The Beast” or the Hybrid System

See more info on the Lifetime XL and best price here on Amazon.


Our Recommendation

The Best Overall Hoop

best basketball hoops

If we had to choose one hoop and money wasn’t an object, it would be the Goalrilla GS Hoop in a heartbeat. Having some personal experience with this hoop helps. And we’ve played on several other “high quality” in ground hoops and still found the Goalrilla to rise above them.

Overall it just has everything you want (once it’s installed) and has lasted in our driveway for nearly a decade. That’s a decade of playing. A decade of big dunks. A decade of practicing on it. A decade of big storms blowing at it. And a decade of fun!

Think about it. If you have the budget, would you rather get the highest quality hoop for your family that you can enjoy for years and years down the road? Or would you try to shortcut it and hope it doesn’t break in 3 years. Because if it breaks in less than 10 years, you’ve now spent more money on 2 hoops than you would on this one.

It’s your call.


The Best Basketball Hoop For The Money

best basketball hoopIf you have a strict budget and cannot go with the Goalrilla hoop, what other options are there? Well the best budget style hoop we’ve found is the Spalding “The Beast” portable basketball hoop. It comes in almost half price from the Goalrilla hoop, and still offers very high quality features.

It is a portable hoop so it won’t be as stable and sturdy as an in-ground hoop, but it will do just fine for most people. Just tell the kids no big hammer dunks where they hang on the rim after…

The Spalding hoop comes with a strong support base, a breakaway rim, and a durable acrylic backboard. It’s not the “best of the best” but it’s the best of the budget world hoop!


What To Look For In The Best Basketball Hoop

There are several things you need to consider before buying a good basketball hoop. The first thing is you need to establish a budget. How much are you willing to spend on a hoop? That will determine the other things you need to prioritize.

Once you have a budget, you can start sorting by portable hoops versus in-ground hoops. The best portable hoops have far different qualities than the best in ground hoops. And that depends on what you want out of the hoop.

Lastly, you’ll want to pick the best combination available that your budget allows between backboard quality, rim quality and overall stability. Let me start explaining a few things and it’ll all make sense.

What Are The Big Differences Between Portable And In-Ground Hoops?

Great question! There are several factors, but only really 3 big things change between the two styles of hoop: installation, ease of portability, and hoop stability.

Installing In-Ground Hoops Vs. Portable Hoops

The installation for in ground hoops and portable hoops doesn’t vary too much. It’s really just the “in-ground” part that changes. When you buy an in-ground hoop, you are essentially going to dig a hole in the ground, put an anchor system in there, fill it with cement and let it solidify. The you build the rest of the hoop on top of that cement anchor for a more permanent hoop.

Now that is a very simple way to put it (it’s actually much more intense), but that’s the concept.

With portable hoops, you’re basically installing a bunch of pieces on a movable platform and weighing that platform down with sand and/or water.

When measuring time and effort, it’s really about even on both sides. The in ground hoops typically come with less pieces, but you have to dig a hole and put in cement. The portable hoops require more actual assembly time, but you don’t have to wait a day or two for cement to solidify.

Installation is truly a personal choice. There are companies that you can pay to install both styles of hoop if you really don’t want to do it. Keep that in mind. But if you’re going to DIY this hoop, the installation part is really just based on you.

Portability of In-Ground Hoops Vs. Portable Hoops

Now this area is much more about what you intend to do with the hoop long term. Obviously portable hoops are very easy to transport. That’s why they’re called “portable.”

So if you move, you can easily pack it into a moving van and be on your way. Once it’s installed the first time, it can always be played on.

In ground hoops are much tougher to transport. The new hoops now come with a detachable anchor system though. That essentially means, you cement in a permanent piece in the ground and bolt the rest of the hoop to that once it’s dry.

This is designed for people who want a true hoop experience but know they’ll probably move in the next few years. This allows you to detach the hoop from the cement base, bring it with you, and reattach it at the new home. To be clear, you will need to buy another anchor system and dig another hole. But the anchor systems are not that expensive (neither is cement).

I would highly recommend you think about this area before buying a hoop. Moving is a big deal and you don’t want to stress over the hoop during the move. If you don’t mind the hard labor of in ground hoops, that is my recommendation. However, if you prefer the “build it once and it lasts forever” approach, go with a high quality portable hoop.

Pole Stability of In Ground Hoops Vs. Portable Hoops

This is a relatively big area depending on what you want the hoop for. If you’re a casual baller who’s not overly concerned with a “realistic” feel for the game, feel free to get a portable hoop. It’s fun, easy, and will do a great job for what you need.

If you’re a more serious baller who prefers that more authentic feel, in ground hoops are probably going to be the way you go. The stability of the backboard and pole and rim are all just better on the in-ground hoop.

However, as we mentioned before, in ground hoops come with a healthy amount of installation with the hole and cement. Again it depends on what you really want.

Personally, I always loved the in ground hoop. It was just better. It gave a better feel, better bounce, more authentic swish. It just felt better. But that’s me. You might not need or want that and that’s absolutely fine. Make the right decision for you.

What’s The Difference Between Acrylic and Tempered Glass Backboards?

That is a fantastic question and one we’re happy to answer. It comes down to a few key factors: price, weight, responsiveness and thickness.

In most situations for great basketball hoops, you’ll see tempered glass as the backboard. Why? Well it has the strength to withstand hard dunks. It has the responsiveness to give a real bounce from a basketball. And it lasts a long time. The NBA currently uses 1/2″ thick tempered glass in every arena. If that’s the standard for the pros, you know it must do well.

best basketball hoopsFor most of the best basketball hoops, 3/8″ thick is very good. That’s just slightly under the NBA standard but it will come at a more reasonable cost. Note: you can find hoops with a full 1/2″ tempered glass backboard, but those usually run at extremely high costs. 

Tempered glass is pretty scratch resistant, whereas acrylic will show scratches over time.

Tempered glass backboard also give a more realistic bounce on a basketball. See the picture to the right for a visual on this. Glass has a strong bounce which is how basketball should be played. Acrylic gives a respectable bounce, but not as great. Polycarbonate will give the worst bounce of the three.

Acrylic is better at handling sudden impacts though. Tempered glass has been known to shatter if given too much force. The shattering will happen in tiny pieces. But an acrylic backboard will just snap into a few larger pieces. That’s much less dangerous.

Lastly, acrylic backboards are much lighter than tempered glass. So if you’re considering installation heavily, know that it’ll be much easier to lift an acrylic board than a heavy tempered glass one.

Check out this video below showing the difference in rebound rate from the different style of backboards.


How To Identify A Great Basketball Rim:

Finding a great basketball rim isn’t as challenging as some people think. But don’t fall into the trap of thinking that an expensive hoop must have a great rim. That’s not always the case and many people get fooled by this.

best basketball hoops

Non breakaway rim pictured above. Avoid these!

Great rims do a few things. They are usually made of steel to maintain strength over time. They are usually the “break-away” style to prevent damage. And they are always 18 inches in diameter (hint: that’s the standard diameter for basketball).

You Want A Breakaway Rim!

Here’s an easy way to tell if a rim is what you want. The picture to the right (the black hoop) shows a basic rim. Notice how there’s nothing underneath the hoop where it connects to the backboard? That’s not good. You want there to be springs in that space.

best basketball hoop

A standard breakaway rim shown above. These are good!

Now take a look at the picture to the left. Notice how there is the covered box in that space? That’s what you want to see because inside that box are springs. Those springs are the backbone of the “breakaway” hoops. Without the springs, the hoop will literally break when someone slams too hard on it.

These days, nets are pretty basic. You can easily stop at a local store and pick up a net for a few bucks and it will do just fine. Do some nets look and sound cooler than others? Of course. But that’s not really going to impact your game.

If you want the coolest sounding net, we always prefer a metal net like this one. There is just nothing sweeter than hearing that clanking swish sound after a perfect jumper. But again, net choice is really up to you.


Is The Pole Really That Important?

The answer is an absolute yes! The base pole is biggest foundation piece of the hoop. It will make or break the hoop in the long run. Literally!

As you’ve probably read already, we prefer the in ground hoops. It’s a personal choice, but it will easily help illustrate our point of the need for a strong base pole support system.

Imagine spending several hundred (or thousand) dollars on a high quality hoop. You spend a day or two installing it and it’s finally up and ready! The next day, a monster storm hits your area with winds blowing at tornado levels.

If you didn’t invest in a good pole support system for your basketball hoop, guess where it is now? In the neighbors tree or bent completely over in your driveway. See the picture from a news story not too long basketball hoops


That’s not a diss to portable hoops at all. There are several portable hoops that are top quality and you should actually consider. But look how easily that base pole twisted in half. You don’t want that.

Make sure the pole is supported by at least two other poles. We call these reinforcement poles because they help stabilize the hoop. Be sure the pole is at minimum 5″ in diameter or 4″ x 4″ square. The square poles are definitely stronger, but a round pole will do just fine in most situations.


How To Maintain Your Hoop

Keeping your hoop looking fresh for many years is simple but often forgotten. We’ve all seen the neglected hoops that are full of rust and have a bent rim. Don’t be like that.

Instead, just follow a few simple tips for maintaining the hoop so it can last a decade or more without any issues.

Clean The Hoop ONCE per Year

Just once. That’s it really. Use a basic cleaner (or even a car wash cleaner) and actually scrub it down. Since the hoop sits outside 24-7, it’s going to collect stuff. Dirt, dust, grime, and more. Just one simple scrub will eliminate that and keep things looking fresh.

Most high quality hoops (including the ones on our list) are built to be resistant to rust and the elements. But nothing is perfect. So a quick wash will go a long way.

Window Cleaner On The Backboard ONCE per Year

Yes this will require a little more effort, but it’s worth it. Streaks are just annoying on a hoop. It’s as easy as lowering the hoop and getting on a simple step ladder to wipe it down. It’ll look brand new when you’re done and you’ll just feel proud.

Lubricate The Joints And Cranks ONCE per Year

Again, this isn’t 100% necessary, but why wouldn’t you want to keep things easy? Who wants to have to use twice as much effort to crank the hoop up and down when a little WD-40 can make it so easy?

It’s this easy. Grab a spray can and raise the hoop up to the full 10′ height. Spray the crank mechanism and adjustable arms so areas that usually tough will get greased. Now lower the hoop to it’s lowest setting. This helps all the lubricant get into the system for your benefit.

While the hoop is lowered, spray the joints that connect the backboard since they also rotate. You’re hoop will continue to be a breeze to raise and lower all year long. And it only took you 10 minutes.

Anti-Freeze Portable Hoops

Just like the lubricant, it’s a super cheap item to add to the hoop. But it’s extremely helpful in cold winters. Remember, water expands when it freezes… If you don’t remember, try sticking a full water bottle in the freezer overnight and see what happens.

The anti-freeze will help the water stay liquid even in cold weather. If the water expands, it could bust right through the base walls thus destroying your hoops ability to stand up. Not good.

Anti-freeze is extremely cheap and this whole process takes less than 5 minutes. Just do it.


Accessories For Your Best Basketball Hoops

Even great hoops could use a few upgrades. Here’s a few of our favorites

Ball Returner / Rebounder

Not all the hoops on our list have a great rebounder for one-player shooting. In fact, the ones that do only allow rebounding for the straight on shot. Not too great when your working on baseline pull-ups. This is where the SKLZ 360 Rebounder comes in. It attaches to the rim and rotates to your preferred location. So you can practice shots and it will return them right to you. The only downside is the clips are plastic and can sometimes break too soon.

Court Marker

Having the correct court dimensions is crucial. You need to be aware of your spacing on the court at all times. With outdoor courts, it can be tough if there’s no lines. Enter the Spalding Court Marking System. It has a patented measuring device to give exact court dimensions easily. The only downside is that it’s play chalk and will wash off in the rain. If you want to spend the money, get a cement paint you can put down that will last.

Yard Guard

Now this is definitely a luxury and not a necessity. But if you can afford this Goalrilla Yard Guard… It’s worth it.


Because when you play a lot of solo basketball (ie shooting drills) it get frustrating when the ball jumps into the yard. And I mean it jumps. Sometimes I think the ball has a mind of it’s own.

The Yard Guard prevents this. It’s made specifically for Goalrilla hoops, but we’ve found people use it with other hoops just fine. It really is a time saver!

Best part is it fold discretely away so when you don’t want people seeing it or there’s bad weather, it can be put away. Definitely love that feature!

Overhead Lights

Not everyone has the luxury of playing in places that’s warm and bright all year long. Many states get dark around 5PM in the winter which makes it hard to enjoy basketball outside. Obviously if it’s too cold to play anyway it doesn’t matter.

But what about those times in early spring or late fall when it’s warm enough to play but too dark to enjoy? That’s where overhead lights are great! These Goalrilla Delux Lights are our favorite.

You can easily get by with some cheaper flood lights and just lay them on the ground, but these lights are just better. They shine the light where you need them. The hoop.

They’re adjustable and can fit most in ground hoops regardless of it being Goalrilla hoops. They’re super bright and last quite a while. And they have protective mesh over the lights to protect them from the ball.

They’re a win-win for sure.


Let’s Wrap It Up

So you’ve seen our list of the best basketball hoops on the market. We hope you liked all the detailed basketball hoop reviews. Feel free to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you. Enjoy and wish you a great day!


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