Best Basketball Knee Pads – See Our Top 6 List of 2018


Looking for the best basketball knee pads? We all need a little extra protection on our knees and these are the pads to help. We’ve scoured the web to find quality knee pads for basketball that won’t break the bank.

Be sure you know what you’re looking for. Basketball knee pads are different (technically) than basketball knee sleeves. We already made a list of basketball knee sleeves here to check out. This list is only pads, but as you will see some pads come built with a sleeve-like feel.

Top 6 Best Basketball Knee Pads Reviews


1. AceList Knee Pads (2-Pack) – The Budget Friendly Knee Pad

best basketball knee padA versatile option for those looking for either a knee pad or a knee sleeve. AceList makes both. They’re made with an anti-bacterial material to help it perform better for longer. The AceList knee pad was designed for high impact with basketball, volleyball and football. So it will last and endure a beating.

It’s insulated so it provides warmth to your knee so it stays flexible and loose even when you’re resting. The AceList was designed to be sturdy but also flexible so it won’t restrict your natural movement. And they come in at a great price for the pair. You can afford to buy 2 pairs as a backup.

Check out the AceList on Amazon.


2. Cosver Outdoor Sports Knee Pad (2-pack) – The Favorite

best knee pads for basketballProbably our favorite on the list here of basketball knee pads. The Cosver combines it all; great price, good protection and good flexibility. Plus, it highlights the anti-slip inner silicone strip. Obviously, this little strip was designed to prevent the knee pad from sliding down.

And it works! Pretty well!

The Cosver was built with breathable mesh material to ventilate well but also provide some extra heat to the knee. Amazon currently has over 80% of the people purchasing this knee pad rate it at 5 stars. The reviewers know what they’re looking for and the Cosver delivers.

Check out the Cosver on Amazon.


3. McDavid 6440 HexForce Knee Pad – The Name You Know

great basketball knee padsIf you want options on color, this McDavid option is for you. It comes with 17 different color options to match your style. McDavid is also a well-known and trusted brand in the sports brace world so you know quality is good.

The 6440 comes with a strong Hexpad design to protect the knee without restricting movement. Each hexpad is individually applied so they can move more independently with your knee. That’s a great benefit since our knees extend and bend at many different angles during sports.

It’s also designed with McDavid’s unique HydraVent technology. This is going to keep you remarkably cool and dry while exercising. This also helps keep the 6440 in place on your knee and not sliding down.

The McDavid is machine washable and should withstand a decent beating. It comes in a 2-pack, but as with all McDavid products, it comes at a higher price than some others on this list.

Check out the 6440 HexForce on Amazon.


4. COOLOMG Pad Crash Proof Sleeve – The Colorful Sleeve Option

best basketball knee padsThe McDavid is a pad with lots of color choices. The COOLOMG is a sleeve with lots of color choices!

19 color choices to be exact! And several patterns to check out for a unique flare.

COOLOMG is an up and coming product company making good sleeves. They are decent quality and a great price. It’s made of highly elastic polyester fibers to give you support and flexibility.

We would recommend you buy an extra one since they’re a reasonable price. Some reviewers have commented that they don’t last too long. Be aware the sell only 1 in a pack!

Overall, COOLOMG is a decent product for the price and you’ll most likely get them because you want a unique color option.

Check out the COOLOMG on Amazon.


5. Reachs Hexpad Basketball Knee Pad – The Highest Rated Option

best basketball knee padsThe Reachs Hexpad is the highest rated (based on customer reviews) of all the knee pads on our list. Technically, it’s a sleeve but it has the pad design we need to make this list.

2 out of 3 people who have rated this knee pad gave it 5 stars on Amazon. That’s impressive! It’s clearly a well made product by a company most people have never heard of. It’s made of breathable and elastic polyester fiber like many others. So it will be flexible, supportive and breathable all at the same time.

The Hexpad design should protect your knees when you fall. And it comes with an anti-slip internal band to prevent slipping. Reachs offers a few different color options, but no where near the selection as COOLOMG.

Check out the Reachs Hexpad on Amazon.


6. McDavid 410 Knee Pad – The Peak of Impact Protection

best basketball knee sleeve padA true knee pad through and through by a brand that makes great quality. That’s the McDavid 410.

It has a strong and tough pad for impact which should protect you from most normal falls. It’s a very rugged design that is well built for durability. Most people have commented on how much of a beating their knee pad has taken and it still looks great.

The 410 is also better at supporting the knee with stronger compression. It can give relief from arthritis and tendinitis while still giving good flexibility.

It’s machine washable and reversible depending on what color you prefer. The McDavid is top quality and will last a long time, but you will pay a premium for it. This 410 also comes as one single knee pad, so you’ll have to order 2 if you want both knees protected.

Check out the McDavid 410 on Amazon.


A Basketball Sleeve vs A Basketball Knee Pad

They are commonly mixed up since they have similar functions. But in reality they are very unique from each other and provide different benefits. You really need to think about what you want/need for your knees in order to buy what you will actually use and love.

A knee pad is just like it sounds. A simple brace-type design that only really wraps around the knee. It is much shorter than a sleeve. The knee pad focuses on having padded support around the knee to reduce the impact when you fall. Most knee pads have a hexpad-like design because it is the most flexible option that still provides support. Only higher quality knee pads (like the McDavid 410) do a more cohesive design that seems more like a pocket of support.

A knee sleeve is more a compression element which supports knees. Knee sleeves are said to improve blood flow through the body and also keep the body parts warmer. This effectively improves performance since the muscles will receive more oxygen and stay warm during rest periods. Technically, the science isn’t definitive on these claims, but many professional athletes still swear by them. In fact, it’s tough to find one pro basketball player not wearing some form of compression these days.

If the pros like Steph Curry (2x NBA MVP), Kyrie Irving, LeBron James (4x NBA MVP) and Kevin Durant (1x NBA MVP) believe knee sleeves are worthwhile, it’s safe to say they must be doing something good.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best basketball knee pads. Feel free to drop a comment of any pads you like that we didn’t’ include!


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