The 7 Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet Guide of 2018


Got wide feet? Need baller basketball shoes? We’re here to show you the 7 best basketball shoes for wide feet in 2017-2018. For those of us with wide feet trying to play the game we love, it can be a real nightmare finding quality shoes. We’ve done some in depth research for you here. So from the brands you know, and some you may not, this our top 7 list to get you in comfortable shoes and back on the court.

best basketball shoes for wide feet

The 7 Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet in 2018

1.  Adidas D Lillard 2.0 Primeknit Review

best basketball shoes for wide feet 2017

If you’ve followed other articles and reviews here at Dish 2 Swish, you’ll know we are huge fans of the Lillard line of shoes. They’ve made some of our best lists here and here and here


Here’s the most important thing you need to know about these Lillard 2.0 shoes… GET THE PRIMEKNIT VERSION!

These shoes come in 2 forms, the normal style and the Primeknit style. Primeknit was made to be more elastic and thus more friendly to wide-footers out there.

Overall, the performance of the Lillard 2.0 shoes is top notch. Traction is beastly, the fit is amazing and cushion is incredible with Boost technology. To be honest, the Lillard 2.0’s were one of the best performing shoes of all the 2016 models. The new Dame 3 shoes are out, but we haven’t seen a Primeknit version yet. When those are released, we’ll update this post because those shoes are also beastly performance.

As long as you get the Primeknit version, these shoes will be great for wide foot players.

Also, they are low top shoes, but don’t be discouraged about support. They support your feet just fine because of the torsional bar.

You can see more review and pricing here at Amazon.


[UPDATE 2018] – Adidas D Rose 7 Primeknit (The D Rose 6 are out of date now)

best basketball shoes for wide feet 2018Basically, the next generation of D Rose shoes comes to the market in a Primeknit version. This shoe takes the best of the Rose 6 and improves on it.

Traction here is absolutely amazing and it shows since the Rose 7 was a top item in our best traction shoes list.  The full length Boost cushion is incredible! You won’t ever want to take these shoes off.

Combine all that with the mesh feel of the Primeknit (MAKE SURE YOU GET PRIMEKNIT) and you’ll have space for your feet! It just doesn’t get much better than this!

Who knows, the D Rose 7 might even make it on our list of best shoes of 2017 or 2018?!!!

Check out the Primeknit D Rose 7 here on Amazon.


2. Adidas D Rose 6 Primeknit

best basketball shoes for wide feet 2017For our next great wide shoe choice, we have a another Adidas brand using Primeknit. Hopefully, you’re seeing a pattern here with the Primeknit versions. Most of them work really well for wide footers (assuming the forefoot is primarily Primeknit). Remember, Primekit is just an exclusive name from Adidas for their “mesh” versions of shoes.

The D Rose 6 shoes will take some getting used to as they do more form fitting design. Expect the shoes to be a little tight at first, but then morph to fit your foot nicely. Typically, we’ve heard people need 4-5 good hours of play before these shoes really fit perfectly.

If you can trust us and make it past those first few hours of play, you’ll find that the D Rose 6 shoe is one of the best performing shoes on the market. It made several other lists for us including outdoor shoes and comfortable shoes.

What makes this shoe so great? Well for starters, the traction on these shoes is phenomenal. No other way to say it. You just stop on a dime every time, even on crappy floors. It is a shoe in the running for best traction ever on a basketball shoe.

The other major selling point is the incredible cushion. Adidas uses their new and improved Boost technology and incredible is the only word to describe it. It’s the perfect blend of plush and responsiveness. You feel the impact protection, but never feel like your feet are sinking in muck (if you know what I mean).

Combine all that with the built in ankle slits for an ankle brace and  you’ve really got a solid shoe all around. Technically, it’s 2017 and Adidas just release the D Rose 7, but they don’t have a Primeknit version yet. When they do, you can be sure it will replace this Rose 6 here on our list. Because the performance of that Rose 7 shoe is as-good-if-not-better than this one. Assuming they put the Primeknit in the right places, it may even take the top spot on our list.

Feel free to check out the D Rose 6 Primeknit shoes here on Amazon.


[UPDATE 2018] – Jordan XXXI  (Jordan CP3’s are out of date)

best basketball shoes for wide feet 2018So it’s the first time a regular Jordan shoe makes the list for wide feet, but it’s definitely a good thing. Jordan’s seemed to trend thinner so they would always run close to size. But these 31’s are made of a Flyweave which is a Jordan specific material. They’ve used this in other shoes, but it finally runs from the forefoot all the way through the midfoot.

Hence… that’s what makes it good for wide foot players.

For the Jordan 31’s, traction isn’t a top notch feature. It’s decent, but there’s plenty of better options for good traction on the market. So if you’re a wide foot speedy guard, look elsewhere. Your high speed cuts and slashes won’t do well with the mediocre traction here. Big men should be fine.

Cushion is excellent though. It’s full length “unlocked” Zoom Air cushion which is a trademark of Nike and it performs great in these Jordans. It’s got great court feel without sacrificing any impact protection for your knees. Not much more to say here.

Support and stability are also well done in this Jordan 31 shoe. You’ll feel strong and solid here so no complaints.

Overall, we like the Jordan 31’s (even though they come with the Jordan price tag). It’ll make a solid shoe for any wide foot player.

Click Here to see the Jordan 31’s on Amazon.


3.  Jordan CP3 VIII AE Review

best basketball shoes for wide feetJordan’s are excellent for quality and performance. In fact, Jordan’s are featured in Complex report for wide feet shoes back in 2013.

This shoe is a little older, but you can still find it on Amazon which is why we still recommend it in 2017. It’s a great performing shoe and definitely a solid choice.

These CP3 VIII are definitely part of that wide shoes group (but the newest IX model aren’t good for wide feet). These shoes have a unique one-piece mesh construction that isn’t seen in top quality shoes much. This actually is what gives the shoe a bit of extra space from normal CP3 models. Some viewed it as a negative, but for wider feet players it’s perfect!

These shoes have two different versions actually: regular and AE version. You want the AE version.

The regular version is a little more snug fitting because it was made out of more rugged faux leather materials. This gives the original version slightly more support for your foot, but it’s not worth the sacrifice in space for your flat feet.

The AE version was created with more mesh and nylon so it allows for more give in the fitting. This also makes the AE version break-in easier. So you can wear it full throttle pretty much out of the box.

Technically, the AE version come in a more limited color option, but it’s worth it for that little extra space and comfort on the court. Our friends over at WearTesters have done this awesome review describing more for you.

You can see pricing and user reviews here at Amazon.

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[UPDATE 2018] – Nike Hyperdunk FlyKnit 2017  (LeBron’s are out of date)

best basketball shoes for wide feet player 2018Nike’s latest addition to the ever-versatile Hyperdunk lineup is the FlyKnit 2017 model. Like many before it, the Hyperdunk is made for the every-day player, but has gotten much better quality over the years.

The FlyKnit version of the Hyperdunk features mesh that is much more forgiving for wide foot players and actually seems to form fit well for us.

When you look at the other specs, the Hyperdunk has insane traction! In a good way! It stops on a dime and works just as well on crappy floors as perfect floors. Definitely a must for quick guards who rely on sharp cuts and fast movements.

The cushion takes a hit though on these Hyperdunks. It’s supposed to have a good “court feel” but actually feels more lifeless than anything. Cushion just doesn’t keep up with the technology. For big men, this should be a concern as there’s basically no impact protection for those knees and ankles.

The other features are solid here. Good support and stability for everyone. It balances out to be a fantastic choice for smaller guards who play small and fast. Not a great choice for bigger forwards and centers though.

Click here to see the Nike Hyperdunk FlyKnit 2017s here on Amazon.


4.  Nike LeBron XII Review

wide feet basketball shoesNike strikes one spot on our list of best basketball shoes for wide feet with the LeBron XII (12) shoes. These shoes definitely run high on the price range, but they also run a little wide in the front of your foot which is what we’re looking for.

Not all LeBron shoes are made the same so stick with the actual XII model. These LeBron’s are made with lightweight mesh again just like the CP3 shoes above. This mesh is definitely a trend to look for in wide basketball shoes.

The mesh allows for more flexibility in the shoe and thus allowing wider feet to fit. The LeBron’s also have excellent traction and cushion for your feet. It’s good to mix great performance with quality wide shoes, and the LeBron’s accomplish that and more.

These LeBrons even come with pretty substantial ankle support. If you’re one to worry about rolling ankles, then this is the wide foot basketball shoe you should consider. Our friends over at WearTesters again did a fantastic review of this shoe.

You can see pricing and user reviews here at Amazon.

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5.  Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2014 Review

best basketball shoes for wide feetAgain Nike strikes on our list for wide feet basketball shoes. This Hyperfuse design seems like it was actually created for players with wide feet. The forefoot definitely runs extra wide in this Nike shoe as was documented by our friends over at WearTesters in this review.

The trend continues on this shoe in terms of mesh. The top section of these Hyperfuse shoes are completely mesh. Mesh and real leather are definitely the best for wider feet.

The great news for players is these Hyperfuse shoes also have good perfoemance along with their wider design. The traction is top notch while the support is enough to get you through the day.

The cushion and ventilation are decent enough to make these shoes worth a look and they are fairly stylish for players who like retro style shoes. There are also a ton of color options with this shoe to match any jersey or style.

You can see more reviews and pricing here at Amazon.

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6.  Under Armour ClutchFit Drive II Review

best wide feet basketball shoesIt took a long time for Under Armour to break through on this list. Being an up-and-coming shoes company, UA probably just hasn’t focused on wider feet too much. Most players they endorse aren’t plagued with wide feet like some of us. However, here comes the ClutchFit Drive II to the rescue!

These ClutchFit shoes also use a slight bit of mesh around the forefoot. It’s this little pocket of mesh that provides the extra space for wide feet. The rest of the shoe is Under Armour’s patented ClutchFit technology which is supposed to make you feel like you’re wearing nothing. It molds to your foot nicely.

The traction and support on this shoe are also top notch. Under Armour is quickly gaining a reputation for creating great traction on nearly all their brands. They use a slightly unique traction pattern to accomplish this, but no one is complaining since it works.

Our friends at WearTesters obviously did a great review on the ClutchFit Drive II shoes and you should check it out. This ClutchFit also comes in a wide variety of colors to match your style and jersey.

You can see more reviews and pricing here at Amazon.

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7. Jordan XX9 Review

best basketball shoes for wide feetSo we’re going to sneak in an extra shoe here with the Jordan XX9’s. This shoe is a little on the pricey side (as pretty much all Jordan’s are), but they are worth it if you can afford it.


Well because of the absolutely unique and amazing material these shoes are made of!

These Jordan’s are specially created with a woven fabric that they’re calling “Performance Woven.” It’s not the most incredible name, but the way it stretches to your foot truly is amazing. This fabric literally molds to your foot the more you wear them until it feels almost custom.

Be warned though, that since they are the mold-to-your-foot type shoes, they will feel very tight in the beginning. That’s normal. Work with them for a week or two and you’ll understand what we mean. The Jordan brand definitely did something right with this shoe for that form fit feeling.

The challenge with this shoe is it’s an older model so may be tougher to find. You should be able to see more reviews and pricing for the Jordan’s here.


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What To Look For In A Wide Foot Shoe

One of the easiest ways to spot a shoe that should be good for wide feet is mesh near the toes. Most often when the shoe forefront has a bunch of mesh, it was designed to flex with the feet. When you have wide feet, you need shoes that can flex with you.

Another decent sign of finding the best basketball shoes for wide feet is a larger underfoot support. Basically look at the area where the traction pattern is. If it seems abnormally larger than usual, you can bet this shoe caters to a wide foot audience.

The last and truest method is to actually try the shoes on. This can be tough when you’re tryng to buy shoes online, but nearly every store has a return policy. Otherwise, do what we do and drop into a store just to try them on. Then, go online and get the deal after you’re sure they fit great.

Wrap It All Up

So we’ve shown you 7 amazing shoes. These are our recommendations for the best basketball shoes for wide feet. Feel free to ask around with friends who have wider feet. It’s unfortunately not easy to find these types of shoes. The market doesn’t seem to interested in catering to wide footers (which is a real shame). So we hope our guide helps you find the perfect wide feet shoes to keep you on the court for hours! Let us know if you find any other shoes you think should go on this list. Now go dominate!


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