Nike LeBron Soldier 11 (XI) Basketball Shoe Review


So we all know the truth, the LeBron Soldier 10 was a huge disappointment. The Soldier 9 version made several lists on Dish2Swish including outdoor basketball shoe and several more.  But for some reason, the version 10 really dropped the ball. Let’s see if the Nike LeBron Soldier 11 could prove the critics wrong and turn the situation around. Let’s find out the truth in this review of the Nike LeBron Soldier XI (11) shoes.

First Impression

best basketball shoes with ankle supportSo looking at the shoe, it looks beastly. I’ve always enjoyed the look and feel of the shoes. It fits the name right?!

They look like a modified combat boot for playing basketball.

And it’s a really cool concept and idea. The straps have always looked awesome and the model 11 moves up to have 4 straps instead of the standard 3. Let’s hope this makes any difference in support for your foot.

Honestly, it’s a sweet looking shoe and let’s see if the performance matches the look.


Traction – How Good Is Traction On The Ground?

The amazing Soldier 11 comes with attractive triangle style traction pattern that does its job rather well. The footwear is not going to disappoint us when it comes to an innovative traction which we have not come across in the earlier version. However, the colorway does consist of a translucent rubber which definitely undermines its performance to some extent. The Soldier 11 does offer us firm traction on the cleaner courts, and one does not have to confront with any slippage problem whatsoever.
In contrast to the other Nike models having translucent outsoles, you cannot expect this shoe to perform at its best while you are playing in some dusty basketball courts and you need to keep this shoe free from any dirt and grime in case you’d like to get the best out of it. However, the rubber compound being super resilient, the Nike LeBron Soldier 11 is definitely the one for any outdoor gamer when it comes to top quality basketball shoes.

Cushion – How Comfortable Does The Shoe Feel?

The manufacturer has provided the shoe with forefoot and heel ZOOM Air units. Thus, we will not come across any more hexogen style Air units with the soldier line. This particular setup should be appreciated by everybody since it is much more responsive as well as softer. In this way, there is no need for you to struggle with actually feeling the ZOOM Air units like what happened earlier with the Soldier 10. Everybody, including the smaller and lighter basketball players along with the heavier dudes will be able to enjoy the game putting on the Soldier 11. In this way, it does prove to be a versatile shoe after all.
However, it is likely for you to get disappointed in case you are expecting to receive a super bouncy ride. The Phylon is not a very hard material after all and it will not offer you any crazy bounce like the one you get when wearing the Adidas Crazy Explosives. Nevertheless, it is the responsiveness factor that does make the shoe stand out from the rest.

How The Shoe Fits?

There is no doubt about the fact that the astounding LeBron Soldier 11 does fit true to size. Although the one-piece build is back once again and it is a bit hard to get on with this footwear, it isn’t as difficult as that of the Soldier 10. Rather, it will provide you with a more secure fit. The three big straps have been replaced by four smaller straps in this version which will help you to isolate every part of the footwear and also tighten the upper up where needed. The forefoot strap is going to aid in locking down your foot, and you will start feeling secure eventually. Those players with wider feet can consider trying the shoe on before purchasing.
Unfortunately, the one-piece build of the Soldier 11 might pose some problems for some players. However, the Lockdown of this shoe is quite good and the fact that each part of the upper can be isolated separately does make this shoe a hot favorite among the players.

How The Shoe Supports Your Foot To Prevent Injuries?

The support is one particular area which has been significantly modified and enhanced in this version of the Soldier line. In fact, the platform which supports this footwear is much better because of its enhanced width as compared to that of the last model. This helps to minimize the uncomfortable feeling that one gets because of those protruding ZOOM Air units when wearing the shoe for the first time. On top of this, the Soldier 11 likewise offers the conventional forefoot outrigger apart from an innovative midfoot outrigger.

With the outsole which is shaped almost like an actual foot, together with the wobbly ZOOM Air units underneath, the outrigger will help to keep the player stable while he is moving. Besides this, the midsole sculpt that comes with this breathtaking Soldier 11 is much more enhanced than that of the previous version. Moreover, the inclusion of an innovative torsional V-plate at the footwear’s midfoot region deserves special mention as well. Lastly, the cutting-edge rubberized external heel counter provides additional support at the heel thus preventing the players from getting injured.

Overall Wrap Up

So as you can see, the LeBron Soldier 11 shoes are definitely solid. They’ve got some small weaknesses in traction, but everything else performs beautifully. And the Soldier brand has always been respectable in price compared to LeBron’s normal models. You can check out the Soldier 11’s here on Amazon if you want to buy them.


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