Stephen Curry Wins Unanimous MVP And It’s Back-To-Back In Ridiculous Fashion With These Stats


By now we all know that Stephen Curry is the NBA MVP in 2016. It’s a back-to-back MVP performance for what many believe is the greatest shooter of all time. What you may not realize is just how insane this year was for Steph (or maybe you just think it was insane but really have no clue). So let’s take a moment to show you just how disgustingly good the “baby-faced assassin” was in 2015-2016.

Steph Curry MVP


1. Steph led the NBA in Scoring

Steph Curry averaged 30.1 points per game in the last NBA season. That’s over 1 full point more than the next leading scorer in James Harden. A full point per game is impressive since Kevin Durant ranked third and was only 0.8 points behind Harden.

Steph knows how to score the basketball. Plain and simple.

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2. Steph demolished his own 3-PT record

When you think about 286 three-pointers in a season, it can seem impressive. That’s about 3.5 threes per game.

Now think of 402 three-pointers in a season and your mind might just explode! Now we’re up to almost 5 threes per game!

That’s a 40% increase in made 3s in a single season. 40%! Seriously!?!

The second most three pointers made this season was by Steph’s own teammate Klay Thompson and he only made 276. So Klay didn’t even beat Steph’s record from last year…


3. Steph demolished his 3-PT record while shooting 45%

This stat is absolutely mind-boggling. Honestly, to make 402 threes is absolutely impressive, but to do it at such a high accuracy is absurd!

Steph ranked 3rd in the NBA in 3PT % this year behind JJ Redick and Tony Daniels. Redick had a phenomenal shooting season at 47%, but he attempted less than half the number of 3s as Steph.

And let’s be honest, some of the shots Steph takes are a little crazy. Like video game crazy. He makes a good percent of those, but he also misses a good percent too. Still with all that he made 45%….. of his 3s….

Many NBA players shoots 45% from anywhere on the court for an entire season. Steph shot that from 25 feet away.

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4. Steph led the NBA in Steals

Defense has never been something that Steph has been known for. He’s no slouch on D, but it isn’t something we marvel at. Much like Michael Jordan, Steph’s defense can go unnoticed even though he does a solid job on that end.

Steph average 2.1 steals per game this season which topped the charts of the steals leaders. So here’s the league leading scorer also getting in done defensively.

For reference, James Harden ranked 16th on the steals list and Kevin Durant wasn’t even top 40.


5. Steph scored 50 points in a game… in 3 Quarters

Technically it was 36 minutes of play, but that’s still 3 quarters of actually being on the court.

And Steph didn’t just do it once, he did it 3 times this season.  3 times.


6. Steph scored 50 points in a game while making 10+ 3s

So in the history of the NBA, only 7 times has a player scored 50+ points while making 10+ three-pointers.

Steph has 4 of them….

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7. Steph shot an effective FG% of 63%



Effective field goal takes into account the increased value on making 3-pointers. As it should. So you get a little more credit if you make 3s versus just 2s. Think of it that if you make 33% of your 3PT attempts, you’d “effectively” be making 50% of your shots since 3s are worth more points.

So basically, Steph’s value on shooting the ball from anywhere on the court was 63%.

Kevin Durant came second with 57%.


8. Steph joined the 50-40-90 Club in style

Steph Curry had a near miss of the informal 50-40-90 club in the NBA last year in 2014-2015. This year, he left no doubt.

This club represents shooting at least 50% from field overall, 40% from 3PT and 90% from the free throw line. They also have minimum shot requirements so a bench player doesn’t achieve this by only shooting 10 times.

Curry is only the 7th player in NBA history to accomplish this and he did it while attempting the most shots of anyone on the list. He also averaged the most points per game of anyone on that list.


9. Curry put up 30-5-6 this season joining only 15 players

Averaging 30 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists in a season is no easy feat. Especially considering it’s only been done by 15 other players including players like Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Oscar Robertson.

When you factor in also shooting 50% from the field that Curry did, only ONE player did that too…. MJ.

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10. Curry led the NBA in scoring while sitting 19 4th quarters

By far our favorite stat on the list because it highlights the insane efficiency of Stephen Curry. Because the Warriors were so dominate this past season, Steph had 19 games where he didn’t play the 4th quarter.

That’s 23% of all games in the season Steph didn’t play the last 12 minutes. Yet all the stats are based on “per game” not per minute.

Imagine if Steph wanted to pad his stats a little and played only 5 minutes in each of those 4th quarters… Let’s assume he’d make at least 1 more three pointer in each of those games.

That bumps him up to 31 points per game! And that’s if he only makes one basket in 5 minutes….


Knocking It Down From Deep

So it’s safe to say Steph Curry had one of the greatest seasons in NBA history. Where it ranks is up for debate. But considering all he’s accomplished that has never been seen before, I think it’s fair to say he’s earned the unanimous vote for MVP.

It’s not Steph’s fault that other players like LeBron, Shaq and MJ never got that vote. How is Steph supposed to control that? He should just enjoy the moment since he and the Warriors have earned the respect by going 73 and 9 this season. It’s been a magical ride for the Curry train.

Let’s see how things go in the playoffs and if Steph can end this Cinderella season with a glass slipper!


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